Instructions: Home Page

Header Banner

The blue header banner consists of the following options based upon a specific text or icon listed (from left to right)  Note: If you move your cursor over the icon it will tell you what it does: 

  • Name of Organization – This is not a selection, but rather the organizational title and identifier of the dashboard being managed, especially for those using multiple dashboards.
  • Link to Members Page – This link will take you to the organization’s personnel roster.  
  • Link to Finance Page – This link will take you to the organization’s documented financial transactions.
  • Option to Add a Member or Add a Transaction – This icon is a “quick add” setup to expedite the data input of two primary usage functions.
  • Multiple Dashboards – This icon is not viewable, unless you have access to multiple accounts, at which point it gives you the option to switch over to another dashboards that you have access to.
  • Lodge Settings  This icon will take you to the Settings Page which will help you configure fields within the database, how the app displays and other internal tools.
  • Account Settings/Log Out – This icon gives you the option to configure your profile or log out of the application. 
Displayed Information
The Home Page will display three administrative reports:  Members, Dues and Candidates
  •  Members – This report will first give you the total count of all active members followed by a sub count of both Primary and Honorary members.
  • Dues – This report will report all outstanding dues and then break up into sub categories of what year dues is for, number of unpaid, partial and paid members and what amount is outstanding.
  • Candidate – This report will list all pending candidates so that a coach and mentor can be assigned and a status of their advancement can be monitored.